Unikalne Data Center w Warszawie
[ one property, many possibilities ]

Unique spot on the telecommunication map of Warsaw.

LIM DC is a fully neutral colocational space on the market for over 20 years. Thanks to its unique location, it gives access to over 100 telecom service providers from Poland and abroad. By taking advantage of its modern colocational area, LIM DC is able to provide their Clients with colocation services of the highest quality, as well as interconnect and the so-called "remote hands & eyes" which enable you to exchange data and access transmission networks of all important domestic and foreign telecom service providers within one building. This shortens points of contact realization time to the minimum (1-2 days) and reduces the construction costs.



It is worth mentioning that LIM DC is connected to 10 metropolitan area networks and the building itself has 6 independent teletechnical connections. Currently, the colocation service is provided in the newly commissioned area on the LIM's 3rd floor which is considered the first stage of a new colocation construction called LIM DC. This allows for the colocation of 60 racks with the possibility of expanding (stage II) by 200 more racks. In addition, in LIM DC building one has at disposal spaces on different floors: -2, +3,+13, +42, and there is also an option to install broadcasting systems at the height of 181 meters (the antenna mast measures 41 meters), which provides good conditions for the propagation of radio waves. The LIM DC is also equipped with reliable redundant power supply connections, the total capacity of which reaches 6 MW. The property is under video surveillance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and technological solutions are implemented in cooperation with the best suppliers such as Schrack, Climaveneta, Airwell, Eaton, SDMO.

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Doskonała lokalizacja na dane firmowe
[ LIM Data Centers ]

Your data in the heart of Warsaw.

Due to its location in the center of Warsaw and the possibility of suspending antennas at a height of up to 181 meters above the sea level, the LIM building was and is a very attractive spot for companies using radio technology. Along with the progressive liberalisation of the telecommunications market, LIM, by staying NEUTRAL, has become one of the most important telecommunication hubs in Warsaw, not only for radio operators. At present, about 250 radio and microwave transmission installations are placed on the 41-meter mast on the roof of the building by both domestic and foreign operators, as well as state and public institutions.


The very center of Warsaw

LIM DC is situated in the LIM building (Warsaw, Al.Jerozolimskie 65/79) in the exact center of Warsaw.

Hotel infrastructure

In the LIM building there is also a hotel and restaurant infrastructure of the international hotel chain – Marriott, along with multiple conference rooms and offices.

Transportation at its best

Warsaw Central railway station and numerous state and local government institutions are located in LIM's immediate vicinity. Warsaw Chopin Airport can be reached by public transport (train or bus) within 15-30 minutes.

[ Safety and stability ]

Our services

A place with a properly prepared technical infrastructure which can be rented by Clients in order to place their telecommunications equipment. LIM DC ffers a variety of unit configurations – the lease of 1U in the telecommunication racks, the lease of whole racks, as well as separated colocation segments. We are able to prepare custom-made solutions for the Clients with special requirements in accordance with their expectations. Our colocation environment is fully secure, air-conditioned, with redundant power supply of high availability.

Colocation solutions in LIM DC provide security and stability thanks to the high technical and organizational standards applied, and allow easy and fast connection with other operators using indoor interconnects (cost optimization).

LIM DC means excellent connectivity with the telecommunications world, the potential and flexibility to develop. You may also rely on LIM's technical support which is available 24/7 365 days a year.


A place with a properly prepared technical infrastructure which can be rented by Clients in order to place their telecommunications equipment.

Remote hand & eyes

Available 24/7 365 days a year, remote hands and eyes help our Clients manage their devices on a daily basis. This system responds to any requests, both scheduled and emergency ones.


It allows our clients to connect with their suppliers, business partners, service providers and their clients within the whole LIM Center building. The Interconnect links are delivered as a service and managed by LIM DC.

Possibility of installing antennas for TV and radio transmission

Possibility of installing radio equipment

Possibility of renting a desk by the hour

Possibility of leasing fiber optic pairs in the building's network

Possibility of renting a back-up office

Possibility of renting office space

Possibility of constructing a new telecommunication connection in the building

Possibility of leasing individual units in a LIM rack

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